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    dragon model
    fake news is saying you might be canceled because no one watches you. Is that false?
    Colbert is a typical Liberal Hack using his media platform to bash and divide
    Gabriel Larena
    late show with Stephen Colber? more like Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump amaright
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    It's more like a Donald dork show.
    Tebbiche Houcine
    he always finds a way to make fun of him, and now that Trump has won the election, I am curious about what he's going to do.
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    The Podesta emails from Wikileaks reveal Colbert is directly instructed by politicians on what to put on his show: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/46703
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    Gori Ji
    becos ur so important and funny, fat ass on yer sofa spewing misogynist shit while no one cares :P
    Chevalier Bosniaque
    ". im not from usa," I dont think you're from Earth to be honest.
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    Albert Hofmann
    Why are there no updates this week??
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    He back
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    Where is the new episode?
    It's probably in the place which Stephen referred to in a sick joke. He's waiting for someone to pull it out.
    Please, update. I need your jokes to survive the boring days.
    You're obsessed with Trump. Find something else to talk about and someone else's dick to suck.
    Eli No
    It's truly disappointing when someone you respect proves unequivocally they are absolute fucking trash. I honestly wish your grand parents died so you never existed. Scum like you is why america is fucking dying. Enjoy introducing the american people to death. Fucking trash.
    The Socratic Atheist
    I am disappointed in your coverage of the Clinton email scandal. It is totally a thing denounce for the cheater and liar she is or your show is doomed. You don't get to steal an election, suppress the will of voters, and still become president. #neverHillary #JillNOTHill
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    multiyoisi mok
    hes not too left leaning hes too democrat leaning theres a difference. if you want to see a fair new coverage by a left leaning channel check out secular talk. Kyle bashes both hillary and trump when hillary and trump deserve it whilst staying completely left leaning. hes consistant and doesnt just srawn over the democratic party just because they are the "left party" if they do shit he'll call them out for it
    Lee GaryB
    It's less that he's pro-clinton, what's very obvious is that he is anti-Trump. You know the problem with Jill Stein? She can't win. She's not on every ballot. 6 states do not have her on the ballot, and only 3 of those states accept her as a write in. She's dead last in every poll, not even managing double digits in any of them. Yes, a third party would be lovely... but right now? Trump is a threat and it has to be a lesser of two evils situation because the world can't risk a racist demagogue in chief.
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    Grant Cooper
    Pretty much John Oliver 1.0 An unfunny media sellout with a one-sided argument that claims they know the answers with their "fact checking".
    Grant Cooper
    +ButtHurt Libtards Joy I think he just tells people what they want to hear, rather what they need to hear. It comes down to what will get them the views and profit they want. Society, Hollywood, and the newest generation of voters are very left-minded and dispise anything conservative-related. They are too incompetent and too ignorant to see through the sellout material people like Colbert give them. It's a shame to see the lies people will follow. 
    ButtHurt Libtards Joy
    Like I told, I'm afraid that's what they want to promote. Promoting fake news to show people that It's actually really fake. The more Colbert talks, the more people see through the garbage he's paid to say. I Can't believe the Clinton's are that Idiotic to show him a text like this. Is Colbert knows how dumb he sounds, that's what he really wants or he just follow orders!?
    S- Abe
    So many Trump segments, how many wikileaks Clinton email segments?
    Meem Rahman
    Trump loves the limelight....everything is done for shock appeal for continuous news coverage....so NOW you asking why no coverage on Hilary???
    Lucymum Vanpeltmum
    Colbert's mother is a bitch.
    Is Slick Willy related to him?
    Mortons on the Move
    Great to see some of your jokes on the WWW
    Chevalier Bosniaque
    Fight the good fight Colbert, we're all with you!
    Tom Morgan
    I'm pretty confident he speaks for the actual decent part of humanity, so yeah.
    Speak for yourself, only.
    Colbert you're such a cry baby whiner get over the loss and grow a set. Men and Women fight for your country for the freedom to vote have respect and respect the voters that thought differently then you that won. There vote counted for something that they believe in. You still want to move to Canada?? Your a traitor and coward to your own Country Grow a set and man up princess, along with the celeb's.
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    He is a synonym for another reference to a cat.
    I really hit a nerve with you. You're still rambling on and on by sending me love messages. I take it you like to spoon a lot. LMAO
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    Congrats on hitting 2M subs, Late Show team! WOOOO
    richard martink
    whos laughing now colbert??
    Prabhanjan D
    The rest of the world.
    Tebbiche Houcine
    Gori Ji
    lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll :P
    Remember enjoying Steven.Before he became a hack.
    Sam Milano
    Screw this colbert dude. He's bought out. Look at his face! He's going to hell, ruining the minds of young naive people with his cheap comedy...
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    +avedic Great advice.  Sometimes we all have to let off some steam, however.
    Do you guys have your own lives? Or do you just pounce on anything more successful/interesting than you? Why not dump the resentment and focus 100% on improving yourself....and then go live a fucking beautiful life. Why not do that instead of whine and get triggered on youtube? What will it be?
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    Edward Yeung
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