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    patrick pangasinan
    What's the use of having this youtube channel if videos are only seen in the US? Disappointing.
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    Luna Meiloh
    I have the same problem, installed Zenmate right now, don´t see a difference :( (I´m German) - so, what did I do wrong?
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    Martin Rayner
    Your 2nd video is blocked in Canada. Seriously? That never happened with Letterman's videos.
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    Zbysio R
    +Martin Rayner USE "HOLA - better internet" to unblock it
    +Martin Rayner Don't blame Colbert. Maybe he's too political and edgy for Canada or a related sponsor. The audio of his shows keeps breaking up at Marriott Hotels. I doubt Colbert is the one who's jamming the signal.
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    Haidar Ghazal
    Why hasn't there been any videos this past week. DISAPPOINTING.
    Anner Chisline
    +Haidar Ghazal  Some of the absence is time off to tape segments, and the others are probably days off to recuperate.
    whats going on with the show?
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    Darth Nito
    lmfao who is the one selling their soul to Russia.
    Kimberly Ann
    its not Kimberly Ann its jj
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    Zack Durrandon
    "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." Fu*king racist Stephen.
    Emily Gisler
    The show has to make money somehow... it can't just post everything for free, for everyone. It's not racism and you clearly don't care too much about Colbert or the show to begin with.
    Please unblock videos
    Anner Chisline
    +000Matthew000 and why I unsubscribed
    P.S. that's why you're getting so many dislikes. 
    I'm from France and i really wanted to see this show. I don't understand why you blocked the videos for other countries... I even checked on the official website and it's the same problem...
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    Benoit Vermont
    +MrBientasvu Thanks!
    +Aroddo Just get any free proxy/VPN. Easiest way is Hola plugin for anything or Youtube Unblocker for Youtube in particular. Fuck geo-blocking
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    Albert Hofmann
    Why are there no updates this week??
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    He back
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    Only late night show in America that is blocked for the rest of the world on Youtube  #fail
    Mr. Nisse
    Unsubscribed...fuck you from Canada!!!
    The Podesta emails from Wikileaks reveal Colbert is directly instructed by politicians on what to put on his show: https://wikileaks.org/podesta-emails/emailid/46703
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    Robert de Brus
    So you mean it is okay for Democrats to have cozy relationships between media and govt but when Trump does it, it is not okay.
    Has any one of you reactionary braniacs actually bothered to research 5 mins into this? The email is from Craig Minassian, who is CGI's Chief Communication Officer. He is also a consultant and producer for Comedy Central. CGI has media partnerships with several television networks. Craig Minassian has portfolios of prepared partly-created stories, features, editorials they can discuss and potentially choose to complete. This is a politically oriented comedy/satire entertainment show on Comedy Central. OF COURSE they have a political leaning and OF COURSE they may take advice from their favored politicians... People like Craig Minassian spend day in and day out figuring out how to make the most impactful stories be shown in all the most impactful places. It's strategy, part of every major campaign, and not surprising in the least. I mean, the Cinton Foundation About page tells you exactly what the dude does... https://www.clintonfoundation.org/blog/authors/craig-minassian Every little thing you learn isn't some hidden shocking truth. Stop being naive.
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    richard martink
    whos laughing now colbert??
    Prabhanjan D
    The rest of the world.
    Tebbiche Houcine
    Germans can't see any of the new clips :( And I was so hyped for the show!
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    Cameron Miniatures
    And Finnish
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    S- Abe
    So many Trump segments, how many wikileaks Clinton email segments?
    Meem Rahman
    Trump loves the limelight....everything is done for shock appeal for continuous news coverage....so NOW you asking why no coverage on Hilary???
    The Socratic Atheist
    I am disappointed in your coverage of the Clinton email scandal. It is totally a thing denounce for the cheater and liar she is or your show is doomed. You don't get to steal an election, suppress the will of voters, and still become president. #neverHillary #JillNOTHill
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    multiyoisi mok
    hes not too left leaning hes too democrat leaning theres a difference. if you want to see a fair new coverage by a left leaning channel check out secular talk. Kyle bashes both hillary and trump when hillary and trump deserve it whilst staying completely left leaning. hes consistant and doesnt just srawn over the democratic party just because they are the "left party" if they do shit he'll call them out for it
    Lee GaryB
    It's less that he's pro-clinton, what's very obvious is that he is anti-Trump. You know the problem with Jill Stein? She can't win. She's not on every ballot. 6 states do not have her on the ballot, and only 3 of those states accept her as a write in. She's dead last in every poll, not even managing double digits in any of them. Yes, a third party would be lovely... but right now? Trump is a threat and it has to be a lesser of two evils situation because the world can't risk a racist demagogue in chief.
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    When the most viewed video on your channel is Jon Stewart hosting your show lol...
    He was gone from the public eye for months... I sill miss him........... He should have started a youtube thing in his kitchen or w/e
    Darth Obscurity
    After a single day....
    Should have called it The Late Show with Donald Trump. You should resign from The Late Show.. Your #1 content creator and enemy just won the presidency, and well.. We don't like you anymore.
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    Alter Eggo
    It really is too much. Do you think he's being told to do it for ratings? Or is this just his personal mission, ratings be damned? Or are these the only jokes his hack writers can come up with? Whatever it is, it has to stop.The monologues have become unwatchable.
    I didn't think it was possible to miss Letterman this much
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    You pulled the babymetal video? Why because it was about to be your most viewed video? WHAT IS THE REASON FOR REMOVING THE BABYMETAL VIDEO??
    I believe Japan is more strict with copyright.
    dragon model
    fake news is saying you might be canceled because no one watches you. Is that false?
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    Pooka Land
    Fake news says that fake news is fake news. Who's lying? The journalist or the NY liberal Soros' paid comedian? 100+ millions listeners a week compared to 100k a month. Stephen (Col-bert) loses
    Bob Robert
    i have no idea if any of you 3 guys are sarcastic....
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    Brian Ondeng
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