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    why the fuck is your jhon wick video not avalable in england
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    Gábor Hényel
    it plays in England just like any
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    arno devooght
    Everything wrong with "Uno: the movie"
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    Everything Wrong With: "Shrek 2" ft. Lysander
    Brian Bullington
    Bonus round: how many times 0 and 7 are played
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    T Belcher
    CinemaSins, please, please, please do Sausage Party! :D
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    T Belcher
    you can understand that so wrong with a picture of that girl... thumbs up!
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    Katie Canario
    Rachael Kauffman
    It's already so stupid he would break his sin counter int he first 2 seconds
    Tess Molinar
    That would be so great! Please do it
    Sokol Gaming
    Why is John Wick not available in the UK?
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    It stopped working, now it's just trojan horses and scammers, viruses, etc. It is no longer a secure website. #RIP
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    Matdy James
    Have you started geolocking videos? Please do not do this. You have fans all over the world!
    ben Jovi
    Why the fuck is the EWW John Wick video not available in the UK? what bullshit is this?
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    Daniel R
    I am American and I have no problems with people from the UK, or anywhere for that matter. Unless they are trying to kill us, then I don't like them.
    do not swear
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    Noseyfoil 555
    Movies you shouldve done a while ago or do now wreck it ralph (suprised you havent done this. if you have plz link me to it) the mortal instruments (one of my favorites but nothing like the books so needs to be sinned) the simpsons (full of sins) moana (need to do) diary of a wimpy kid (full of sins) middle chool the worst years of my life (sin for my spelling) barely lethal nanny mcphee 1+2 school of rock... freaky friday storks a series of unfortunate events the parent trap megamind the lorax bridge to terabithia strange magic boss baby beauty and the beast (2017) ice aga (all the others u have not yet don shrek (again all of the others) around the twist lol sorry the list was so long
    Anonymous Human
    4 of those ive never heard of but yesssss please do some of these
    Everything wrong with Uno:The Movie????
    Manas Crack
    EWW Doctor strange
    Nick Willems
    they just did it
    Sugary Heaven
    Everything Wrong With Fifty Shades Darker
    Coen V
    Why is the John Wick video not available in my country? (The Netherlands)
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    h xassan
    +Smiddy Wesson. You're mentally ill and need to be checked into a hospital. Either that or you're just another miserable racist inserting non sequitur nonsense into comments threads. John Wick vid is clearly not unavailable because of Sharia law you chucklehead. It's copyright issues.
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    new John wick video not available in the UK ?
    Jessica & Alexis
    Come on! You're seriously doing fast and furious over Rogue One?! Do Rogue One!
    Gábor Hényel
    Do the movie RUSH if you can.
    Sugary Heaven
    Everything Wrong With Doctor Strange
    Alaric Linlaw
    Eeeek yes!!
    Colonel Kelly16
    Do everything wrong with Sausage Party.
    Sugary Heaven
    Everything Wrong With The Karate Kid (2010)
    The Caleb
    You guys should do Trolls. It's like if The Lorax wanted to be Frozen, so dreamworks dressed it up as a rainbow troll and had the internet throw up all over it.
    Jonathan Hill
    Kids movies are too easy. dont do trolls. we all know the sin. IT WAS MADE.
    Nefarias Bredd
    Hey Cinemasins, why is your EWW John Wick not available in The Netherlands? I've watched all EWW's, most more than once, I need my fix. Please make it available here, or at least let me know why not.