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    why the fuck is your jhon wick video not avalable in england
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    Devon Lalande
    England didn't make the U.S. They even lost the war trying to control the U.S become its own country
    Devon Lalande
    Get a history book dude second world war woulda been lost without the U.S
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    nobody nobody
    DO EVERYTHING WRONG WITH MOANA U ROADMEN also fantastic beasts would be nice too
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    Smiddy Wesson
    "Warriors, come out and play-yay."
    Michael Bradstreet
    The Warriors would be an awesome one to see as an everything wrong with video.
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    Sokol Gaming
    Why is John Wick not available in the UK?
    Smiddy Wesson
    Because you have bad teeth and litter your lands with filthy Muslims, silly.
    Yuriko Shokugan
    Toke Storgaard
    hey uhm CinemaSins what about rogue one?
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    They wait until the DVDs are out. If they didn't then they'd use shitty cam videos recorded from Korean cinemas.
    Toke Storgaard
    ah ok thanks
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    ben Jovi
    Why the fuck is the EWW John Wick video not available in the UK? what bullshit is this?
    Smiddy Wesson
    Leave the EU, expel the invading barbarian Muslims that want to destroy Western Civilization, and then maybe, just maybe, you ballless wonders will be ready for ass kicking John Wick.
    arno devooght
    Everything wrong with "Uno: the movie"
    Matdy James
    Have you started geolocking videos? Please do not do this. You have fans all over the world!
    Coen V
    Why is the John Wick video not available in my country? (The Netherlands)
    Coen V
    Well, that was kinda uncalled for. Also, opening ourselves to national suicide by Sharia law? There are 2 things wrong about this statement: 1. Sharia Law does not include national suicide. 2. The Netherlands does not, and never will, support the Sharia Law. If you have any arguments to back up your claims, I'd be more than happy to hear them, and to reconsider my thoughts on the matter.
    Smiddy Wesson
    Because you dumb asses just voted against the right and instead chose to open yourselves to national suicide by Sharia law. You are done, stop whining and die.
    new John wick video not available in the UK ?
    Everything wrong with Uno:The Movie????
    Duncan Osborne
    Everything Wrong with Forrest Gump, please
    Raque Mosche
    T Belcher
    CinemaSins, please, please, please do Sausage Party! :D
    Tamar le Roux
    Everything is wrong with that movie
    Brick King
    Jharmarl Richardson
    can you please do The hangover.
    T Belcher
    And part II and III lol
    Can you do everything wrong with " food fight or eWW "sausage party"
    T Belcher
    Yes! Please, do Sausage Party! :-D
    Everything Wrong with Mean Girls?
    Sugary Heaven
    Everything Wrong With Fifty Shades Darker
    Manas Crack
    EWW Doctor strange
    Everything wrong with suicide squad?
    +Andrew Hood oh okay
    Already did it
    everything wrong with "UP" 2009
    Jackaboy Stevo
    thats like my fav film but i would still like to see that