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    why the fuck is your jhon wick video not avalable in england
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    Gábor Hényel
    it plays in England just like any
    Why* John Wick* England?* use grammar dangit.
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    nobody nobody
    DO EVERYTHING WRONG WITH MOANA U ROADMEN also fantastic beasts would be nice too
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    Derpy Doge
    What about Hacksaw Ridge?
    Smiddy Wesson
    "Warriors, come out and play-yay."
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    Toke Storgaard
    hey uhm CinemaSins what about rogue one?
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    They wait until the DVDs are out. If they didn't then they'd use shitty cam videos recorded from Korean cinemas.
    Toke Storgaard
    ah ok thanks
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    arno devooght
    Everything wrong with "Uno: the movie"
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    Brian Bullington
    Bonus round: how many times 0 and 7 are played
    Da Soviet Union
    lol i get it. most ruthless lets play ever XD
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    Sokol Gaming
    Why is John Wick not available in the UK?
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    It stopped working, now it's just trojan horses and scammers, viruses, etc. It is no longer a secure website. #RIP
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    Duncan Osborne
    Everything Wrong with Forrest Gump, please
    DerpsterGaming 123
    Raque Mosche
    ben Jovi
    Why the fuck is the EWW John Wick video not available in the UK? what bullshit is this?
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    Daniel R
    I am American and I have no problems with people from the UK, or anywhere for that matter. Unless they are trying to kill us, then I don't like them.
    do not swear
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    T Belcher
    CinemaSins, please, please, please do Sausage Party! :D
    DerpsterGaming 123
    Tamar le Roux True
    Tamar Lopez
    Everything is wrong with that movie
    Katie Canario
    Tess Molinar
    That would be so great! Please do it
    Matdy James
    Have you started geolocking videos? Please do not do this. You have fans all over the world!
    Coen V
    Why is the John Wick video not available in my country? (The Netherlands)
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    Coen V
    I suppose you're right, I will ignore him. And I think that the reason why I can't watch the video is the former one, as I do not recall seeing a single advertisement for it. I had never even heard of the franchise/series, not on TV-Commercials, nor whilst visting the cinema.
    Matthew Laurence
    I think he means that your nation is metaphorically committing suicide by continuing a globalist trend of admixture. As opposed to suicide stats relating to the practices of Sharia Law. Best to ignore him. ;) You are not the only one with this complaint: I believe it might come down to licensing overseas, as the copyright laws are different in respective sovereignties. Perhaps "John Wick II" has not been released in The Netherlands, knowing how slow E.U. locales can be when it comes to cinema releases, or is it still in cinemas and your nation's policy is to prohibit digital information pertaining to the franchise until after it is available for public distribution?
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    Brick King
    Jessica & Alexis
    Come on! You're seriously doing fast and furious over Rogue One?! Do Rogue One!
    new John wick video not available in the UK ?
    Everything wrong with Uno:The Movie????
    Manas Crack
    EWW Doctor strange
    Jharmarl Richardson
    can you please do The hangover.
    T Belcher
    And part II and III lol
    Gábor Hényel
    Do the movie RUSH if you can.
    Sugary Heaven
    Everything Wrong With Doctor Strange
    Alaric Linlaw
    Eeeek yes!!
    Sugary Heaven
    Everything Wrong With Fifty Shades Darker