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    Kolonel Joe
    How is this channel not verified when it has over 6 million subs?
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    verification is partnering with yt, so its optional
    James Plays
    my channel is verified not this one though Studded Gaming
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    Everything wrong with the Bee Movie?
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    James Plays
    i came for deadpool, hancock, and i robot, they did deadpool though
    Kuro Wanwan
    B E E M O V I E
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    Omegus Primal
    Just saw Doctor Strange. Your gonna have a field day with Marvels new credit opener. I didn't count, but it's pretty fuckin long!
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    Alexandra Lee
    Super long. WHY SHOW OFFS?
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    Toke Storgaard
    hey uhm CinemaSins what about rogue one?
    Toke Storgaard
    ah ok thanks
    Lincoln Ward
    They'll do it when it comes out on DVD. They don't sin movies that are still in theaters.
    nobody nobody
    DO EVERYTHING WRONG WITH MOANA U ROADMEN also fantastic beasts would be nice too
    Lia Voigt
    lol i didn't know that. That's so funny tho
    Kate K
    And when you do, can you please include the fact that the name Moana means OCEAN? Like, her dad named her ocean and then was like, "I don't know why you feel pulled towards the ocean, but you're not meant to go near it, so stay away!"
    Everything wrong with suicide squad?
    +Andrew Hood oh okay
    Andrew Hood
    Already did it
    Mr. Nobody
    Can you please do a video on everything wrong with Hairspray?
    Lia Voigt
    Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg
    I think I'll make another Скачать бесплатно через торрент channel: No channel is without sins.
    Vengeance of God
    You ever thought of doing any Hammer movies for Cinema Sins? The Peter Cushing one's are one of my favorites.
    everything wrong w/ journey to witch mountain and escape from witch mountain pls
    Alexander Heise
    Here is a challenge: everything wrong with Children of Men. Don't ever say; I don't understand this and sin it. you can sin for some bad aims, but other than that, I can't see what could be sined.
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    "I don't understand this and sin it." if they couldn't do that the length of the video would be halved.
    Alexander Heise
    I agree, I wish to see that sin counter in minus.
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    Saffron Grey
    I know you get a lot of requests... so I'm throwing in mine. Scott Pilgrim? When you get the chance? Thank you for your time. Love your videos!
    Sugary Heaven
    Everything Wrong With Finding Dory
    Duncan Osborne
    There already is an "Everything Wrong With Finding Dory" video
    Duncan Osborne
    Everything Wrong with Forrest Gump, please
    Raque Mosche
    James Plays
    you should really change your slogan. i havent seen 1 deadpool, i,robot, or hancock video. for that, i give you 5 sins
    James Plays
    ok deadpoll down still need hancock and i robot
    Emerl “Axl” The Ultimate Gizoid
    Everything Wrong With Sausage Party Bonus round: sin every time a character says f*ck
    Antoine Mason
    Hey, why not sin 'Southside with you'? Seeing as Obama has left office. Can everyone all agree this would be the movie to sin right now?
    Miss ModestGodess (Ma'm)
    Do everything wrong with the Target Nutcracker thing P.S. all people named Nikki((spelled any way)) plz reply.
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    Nikki Roessler
    Okay then.
    Miss ModestGodess (Ma'm)
    Dat is personal info, but I can tell you it begins with C. My initials are literally North Carolina.
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    Amanda Fink
    Everything wrong with "Knock Knock" with Keanu Reeves would be awesome!
    Lucia Zhou
    trolls and sing
    Pander and Panda...