Late Night with Seth Meyers - Торрент

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    Kyle Ease
    That smile..that smile looks evil. 
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    Your Jesus:When they try to create a Sacrament,in My abomination
    Sins are breaking My Sacred Heart Friday, November 12th, 2010 @ 03:00 Write this, My daughter. The hours are ticking. Do not ignore My request to publish My Warning to mankind. There is a need now to repent. My children must hear My Warning now. My daughter, communicate with Christian groups, first, to impart My pleas. Stay strong. I have chosen you for this Work, so that My pleas for redemption will be heard quickly. Write The Book and communicate My Messages, using modern communications, such as the Internet and the media. While My request is urgent, I will hold your hand, so that you can understand the Message. You are stronger than you think. Pray to Me more, daily, My Divine Mercy. Fear not. Why are you so frightened? Eternal life, when Heaven and Earth merge as one, is to be welcomed. It is what man has strived for since time began. Don’t be fooled by the attractions that Earth has to offer. They pale into insignificance when compared with the splendour of My Father’s Kingdom. You will be sent support, as soon as your plan begins to unfold. These last few days have been overwhelming for you, yet, you have accepted, in your heart, what I Am asking of you. It is difficult and perhaps a little frightening for you to take all of this in, but it is important that you trust in Me. Hold Me in your heart and lean on Me. Surrender any doubts you have and your task will be easier. You must remind people of My promises and refer to My written Word. Fall back on Scripture to make sense. Never ever be afraid to remind people how their sins are breaking My Sacred Heart and piercing the Soul of My Eternal Father. We, My Mother and all the saints, will hold your hand and give you strength. You will be sent practical guidance and doors will be opened to help you in your Work. Beware of those who create obstacles to delay you in your communications. Pray for them and move on. I know you are tired, but My request has to be responded to quickly. It is time for rest now, My child. You are responding well and with faith and courage. Never give up. Your beloved Saviour Jesus Christ =------------------==-=-
    Billy C
    I thought he meant KAC's evil smile. lol
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    Avoiding this channel and show in the future.
    yeah! why is that? :)
    You're an idiot owen.
    Hassan Khan
    Where are your Closer Looks for this week man. Been dying to watch them :( Its been almost 5 days since the last one
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    Help, Seth!!! Ever since President Donald Putin settled into the oval office, I've found the need for your humor so that I can laugh at our country's federal government just as the rest of the world is doing. How about another "Closer Look" to ease the pain... PLEASE!!!
    Seth Ellis
    Right?! I have to laugh so I don't burst into tears every time I hear the news. :) We need you man. I'm going to have to get my news from Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me this week. ;)
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    Bartolomeo Vanzetti
    Fucking garbage.
    Sandy Hamburger
    I wonder if Seth Meyers actually reads what people put on here, hmmm...
    Killin' Kinda K1
    Is it just me or does anyone else prefer Seths show to that of Jimmy Fallon? I like Fallon too but Seths show just seems better to me.
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    William Tyndale
    It's just you, and maybe a few other people that work for NBC. Not that Jimmy Fallon is good...they are both just really good at bending over (proverbially speaking).
    Killin' Kinda K1
    Jimmy has become boring to me and Seths style is 100xs better.
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    seth is a pathetic little man.
    Billy C
    Then why are you on this page? No one is forcing you.
    Graeme Walker
    where the hell is the Cenk Uygur video???
    Your Jesus: Second Seal: World War 3 - THEBOOKOFTRUTH
    God the Father: Let not one man amongst you be ignorant of My Justice Wednesday, November 5th, 2014 @ 13:30 My dearest daughter, love Me and know that I love and cherish all My children. Know too, however, that My Justice is to be feared. Let not one man amongst you be ignorant of My Justice, for it will be unleashed like a terrifying storm and it will sweep away the souls of those who refuse My Mercy. My anger is unknown to many, but know this. If a man who knows Me, blasphemes against the Holy Spirit, I will never forgive him. Nothing can, nor will, change this fact, for such a man has chosen his own fate and there can be no reconciliation. To the man, who stands up before Me and justifies the taking of life, know that his own life will be taken by Me. If a man sells his soul to Satan, I cannot take it back, for he becomes one with the evil one. When a man, who speaks in the Name of My Son, Jesus Christ, destroys the souls of those who are Mine, he will be cast away by Me for eternity. Fear now My Wrath, for I will punish every soul who defies My Will to the end. You must not fear the Second Coming of My Son, for this is a Gift. You must not fear, either, any suffering, which you may endure before that day, for this will be short-lived. Fear only for the souls of those I cannot save and who will not have any desire to save themselves. They are the souls who know I exist but who chose instead My enemy over Me. I will intervene in many ways to save those who do not know Me at all. I will strip bare the souls of those who defy every Law I made and they will endure the pain of Hell, and Purgatory, on this earth. By this, they will become purified and they will be grateful to Me for showing them this Mercy now. Far better they endure this now than suffer for eternity in union with the evil one. You must never question My Ways, because all that I do is for the good of My children, so that they can be with Me for a life of Eternal Glory. My punishment, to be cast upon man, pains Me. It breaks My Heart, but it is necessary. All this pain will be forgotten about and light will destroy darkness. Darkness will no longer cast its terrible curse upon My children. I tell you this for you are being led into a terrible darkness through the deceit of the devil. Unless I inform you of the consequences, you will have no future in My Paradise. How quickly all memory of My Commandments has been forgotten. How quickly man falls from Grace when he fails to uphold My Word. Your beloved Father God the Most High  89b899b
    Granola Gaye
    Seth sucks YUGE dick
    Congratulations Meyers. You went all in with your support of Crooked Hillary and mocked Trump with your lousy attempt at humor. Don't think we the silent majority didn't notice. Well, you lost the election and half your audience as well. Hopefully your TV slot will open up for somebody with talent. Go Trump!
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    Billy C
    No, it's just Hillary. Crooked Trump. But why are you here if you are no longer a viewer? lol
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    The Banter
    Seth Meyers: Get the hell off of Late Night. Maybe, you should also spend a few weeks watching Johnny Carson, or Jay Leno. They'll show how it's supposed to be done. Your shitty talk show is a farce. A mere rip off of the worthless Comedy Channel. It's not humor. You're just trying to push your own political agenda.
    Ashley Murphy
    Can't wait for your show Seth!!! <3
    Late Night with Seth Meyers
    Me too! :)
    Ryan Walker
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    Your loving Saviour Jesus Christ : GLOBAL CONVERSION ABOUT TO HAPPEN
    Call to all Churches & Creeds to unite against Evil Sunday, November 21st, 2010 @ 15:00 To My churches around the world, hear My call. All you children and followers belong to Me. So many of you are following the teachings of your church and God the Creator of Mankind. That is good. Many of you interpret the Teachings of My Eternal Father in different ways. This has come about through the interpretations of the prophets since time began. Many prophets interpreted the Teachings of God in the way that the Message was received by them. Some of My prophet’s words have been tampered with. All of My prophets were given the Truth. Not all of My prophets managed to ensure that their followers stayed on one path to eternal life. All paths lead to God the Creator of mankind. The followers of God interpret the Teachings in different ways that lead to confusion. Once confusion sets in you can be sure that the only way is to simplify your beliefs. Simply believe in and honour your Creator. I call on all the churches, religions and faiths around the world to pray for mankind and those of no faith – now. Love of God does not have anything to do with the destruction of life. No man has the right, in My Name, or My Eternal Father’s, to take a life in His Name. Instead, come together and unite in your love for your Creator in the face of evil, as it swiftly arises all around you. My children, let Me remind you of God’s Laws. The Ten Commandments sent to you by My Eternal Father, through His most holy and devout prophet Moses. These rules were designed to instruct God’s children, as to the ways in which they must pay homage to Him, to guide them towards the Truth. So many people today have forgotten this. Those who have not, rarely consider what they really mean. Those who do not understand the Ten Commandments choose to interpret them in a way that is far removed from the Truth. To those, I say please read The Ten Commandments and listen or risk facing the Wrath of God. Their meaning must not be diluted behind false love, false compassion or by justifying sin in the face of what you have been told. The first Commandment tells you to adore only one Creator, My Eternal Father, and to avoid idolatry. Yet that first Commandment has been thrown asunder in favour of false gods. By false gods I do not necessarily mean only people in high places or those who exalt themselves at the highest, so that you, My children, fall down in ecstasy at their feet. Yes this is an offence and deeply insulting in the Eyes of God. The idolatry I now refer to is mankind’s love of power and money, which can drive My children into empty despair. This despair leads to the breaking of the other rule, the sin of self-obsession. The desire to look after your own road in life, at the expense of your soul, will be your downfall. Love of self, is not love. It is vanity. Yet, that is a popular doctrine today. You are, under the guise of false compassion, exalting yourself and denying God. Your lack of humility will bring about your destruction. When you place yourself ahead of others, they, and other people, will suffer for it. This Commandment must not ever be broken. Human reasoning, which is used to justify sin, is an absurdity. Obsession with Celebrity For the young people who have lacked guidance for so long, they are now being sucked into the abyss of idolatry in ways that are clear for all to see. The very idols My young children worship, are for the most part, not of the Light. Many have sold their souls to the devil, a fact they proudly boast of. Their hypnotic appeal, through their music and words, convince My children that this is the false path to follow. Their appealing immorality encourages their followers to emulate them. When they do, they, My children, block the Light, as they too are sucked into eternal darkness. The obsession with celebrity in the world of today, means that My children feel anxious all the time, as they strive to reach the same heights, as those who follow the deceiver claim to enjoy. Come now, all My children, of all churches and creeds. Join together and fight for the right to retain belief in God the Eternal Father, the right to love one another, the right to pure love, the Love of God the Eternal Father, Creator of Heaven and Earth. Your loving Saviour and Just Judge Jesus Christ .===-...
    Billy C
    +Ryan Walker No I'm very sure. She is a female. I've known this for about 25 years now.
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    The Clinton Shill Show!
    Dorothy Harrell
    GO AWAY!!!! We don't like you...
    Jager VonKruger
    In "Mike Pence Pretends Donald Trump Isn't His Running Mate: A Closer Look" You chopped up clips of Mr.Trump and lied. This is why I don't watch Late Night anymore.
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    Jager VonKruger
    +TheGeniuschrist Excellent, for a minute there I thought you'd be just another slack off piece of internet garbage with no backbone or social skills.
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    Said Abed
    I really like the show now. Seth has become awesome. I used to hate him sooooo much.
    Bad Inkman
    Sad to Watch.I feel embarrassed for him.
    The Banter
    attention Seth Meyers. You're getting so many wonderful comments on your politically charged videos. BUT, there's just one little problem. They're all Communist trolls. Hmmm. Now, why would a bunch of communists be showing their support for the likes of Seth Meyers, Steve Colbert, and Trevor Noah? Bottom line: although the republicans are far from perfect, they don't get support from thousands of Communist trolls. By the way, these Communists post comments using fictitious profiles. You might think he's a young African American, when in fact, he's an employee of George Soros or another similar group.
    Memes are Lame
    Shittiest late night show host in existence.