Thomas Sanders - Торрент

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    Hailstorm Death
    Thomas, please upload a video with every vine you have ever created
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    Gay Macfaggot
    lul not funny kys
    Beatrice Boiling
    Spaghetti, ramen.
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    I am SO sad that he stopped making videos. Or is he busy? I just miss him! 3>
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    +Gay Macfaggot Thank you. ^,.,^
    Gay Macfaggot
    lul kys
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    Jared Nicholls
    Gay Macfaggot
    vine is dead you filthy fucking normies lulululululululul how does it feel
    Altitude Gaming
    ikr and now were waiting on the September one too
    WolffeyPawsClaws AJ
    Wonder what he thinks of vine shutting down...
    levi peabody
    hey thomas, do you love Ed, edd n eddy/ i am making an ed, edd n eddy YTP Collab. you should make a reaction video.
    Ritinha Cachal
    When vine closes you cometo youtube
    can you do a vine of a ghost Thomas
    Herionet Brine
    you have no idea how long I've been looking for your channel ;-; it's vine miracle
    I FOUND SENPAI!!!!! (no homo just a joke)
    The Sponge
    Do you have a Sing! account (the app from Smule)? Because I was thinking about how awesome it would be for your fans to be able to sing with you :) I think its something you and the people who watch you (including me) would really get a kick out of. A new way to connect with fans... *through song*
    The more I watch you, the more I think "Oh my gods, he's such a Hufflepuff."
    Under Pip
    I loved it when he met the cast of SU! ^-^
    Joseph Jarred Olvido
    wow i hope he does more of those things where he sings an entire song i like his singing
    Tim Powell
    oh. well uh, what are you gonna do now?
    Elaine Sudano
    he did not stop makeing videos some times he mite be makeing ofer vids :)
    I am comment number 500! Does that make me famous?!? Thanks for so many great videos! I noticed a marked absence of political content on your channel. Which way do you lean?
    Gaile brook
    he is making videos
    Hey Thomas! I saw a mini clip on one of your vines of you fake-proposing to a friend of yours. It was on a bridge overlooking a water fountain. That wouldn't per chance be Will Rogers Garden in Oklahoma, would it? I ask because I don't know where you're based. Also, love the videos, bro! Keep up the good work! :)
    Would a collab with Superfruit be possible?