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    Adam Awale
    do the cornetto trilogy for honest trailers
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    Keef Fontaine
    I'd like to see that. Those were great movies. Cornetto Trilogy: Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, World's End. Called the Cornetto Trilogy because each movie had a scene where the main characters ate a flavor of Cornetto ice cream matching the theme of the movie.
    answer me
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    Seriously guys? You disabled the comments on the ghost busters video? That's just bad form.
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    +onyourleftbooob That was such a small number of people blown way out of porportion that pretty much evaporated the second the movie was released.  Because the talk wasn't about why the movie would suck anymore, it was about why the movie did suck. 
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    Proxy the Droid
    I've said it multiple times: DOCTOR WHO HONEST TRAILER!!!!
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    Agatha Books
    I would also like something Doctor who related.
    Alpha WOLF
    I agree. A classic Dr. Who and a modern Dr. Who Honest trailer.
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    do Hackers
    You need to do an Honest Trailer for Honest Trailers!
    aryabrata pal
    right in the director's perspective
    i don't know why you turn off your comments for Ghostbuster Honest Trailer You Said it sucks and most of the internet agrees with you ... Weird
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    +Hello Goodbye Well... sorry then xD
    Hello Goodbye
    +OnslaughterEx Lol, I never drew a connection to racism and sexism regarding the movie. Did you just see those two words and type up a comment about it without even adding me? I think you did.
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    Do Moana!
    Emrys Wledig
    For Carrie Fisher, please say "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" (R.I.P Mrs. Fisher)
    The Bat 507
    Carrie, we will miss you
    Sergio Bernardo Martín
    Make Harry Potter!!!
    Marla Singer
    They already have Harry potter honest trailer
    Marni Stone
    Please say: "Choose me or your pyre. Be mine or you will burn!"
    Why are the comments and like disabled for the roast of batman?
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    Donald Belland
    Stupid Warner Bros. THEY RUIN EVERYTHING!
    Chaos Is Coming
    why? I didn't get a chance to watch it
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    Marla Singer
    Honest Trailer for the movie 2012 please!!!
    Joe Long
    honest trailer for The Inbetweeners (uk version of course) you could do the movies or the TV show
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    +Mats Bøgwald like I said before m8, The US versions is only a copy and paste
    Mats Bøgwald
    I had no idea there were more versions than the UK one, and by the way you guys are talking about it I'm kinda happy about it.
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    Filipe Amaral
    Do Starship Troopers! Do Starship Troopers!
    The Bat 507
    what the heck is Starship Troopers.
    Jeremiah John
    Yes, do Starship Troopers
    Yassess Leves
    Please Upload The Honest Trailer of Live Action Beauty and the Beast???
    JD1010101110 Love actually ten minute follow up for Red Nose Day, screenwriter looking for plot ideas!
    Valchag 03
    Honest trailer for Arrival? please?
    Matthew Long
    Jack Zimmerman
    Do Akira!
    Do one for "Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie", before the reboot movie comes out.
    Daniel Mihalache
    Do ht for westworld!! It has beoobs!!!