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    Seriously guys? You disabled the comments on the ghost busters video? That's just bad form.
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    +onyourleftbooob That was such a small number of people blown way out of porportion that pretty much evaporated the second the movie was released.  Because the talk wasn't about why the movie would suck anymore, it was about why the movie did suck. 
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    Chuck Lee
    Hey Screen Junkies. Did you really think disabling the comments on the Ghostbusters trailer was gonna stop people from commenting on it, wether it was here or in any of your other trailers? People will always find a way to voice their opinion. Be ready for the storm to come.
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    Lone Wanderer
    That's the thing. They were trying to avoid that storm the best they could. I've seen what people say in the comment section of any video the even mentions Ghost Busters, and it ain't pretty.
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    Say: "I'm enabling the comments for the Ghostbusters reboot Honest Trailer".
    Lone Wanderer
    Why? So you can make sexist comments about the movie?
    J Summer
    Hey let's just comment on Ghostbusters reboot right here!
    i don't know why you turn off your comments for Ghostbuster Honest Trailer You Said it sucks and most of the internet agrees with you ... Weird
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    Alex Wishardt
    Leslie Jones being a cunt, that's why
    +Hello Goodbye Well... sorry then xD
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    Pretty cowardly to disable comments for the Ghostbusters Honest Trailer. That being said, it was a very well done video.
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    winter pyro
    Would you rather make a liar out of cool-voice-man-voice-man?
    Gary Turbo
    Still, all the childish garbage like name calling, falsely accusing people or swearing at people for liking a movie is basically worse. They practically bashed the people that got mad at Screen Junkies for ripping apart Ghostbusters II
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    Disabling your comments in a video? For some reason, I expected better. Damn shame, and cowardly.
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    +Melody Harmonia Yes, I saw their twitter. Looked like a lot of damage control was going on. No, they wouldn't have to edit their video again, just re-upload it.
    +Melody Harmonia Statistically speaking, probably not. However, that doesn't make what Screen Junkies did any less of a douche move.
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    Adam Awale
    do the cornetto trilogy for honest trailers
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    Keef Fontaine
    I'd like to see that. Those were great movies. Cornetto Trilogy: Shawn of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, World's End. Called the Cornetto Trilogy because each movie had a scene where the main characters ate a flavor of Cornetto ice cream matching the theme of the movie.
    answer me
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    David S.
    Who was the genius that thought disabling comments was a good idea? You know what's worse than a flame war in the comments? Censorship.
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    Gary Turbo
    The first amendment applies to Screen Junkies decision to disable comments(free market and free press)
    David S.
    Yes, but I get what you're saying. It's their house, their rules, and they are only trying to maintain a pleasant environment. I believe you're also saying that some degree of censorship is necessary, to which I agree. However, situation dictates, and in this situation, I think they went too far.
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    Black Mormons
    Disabled comments? Minus one sub. Good job you regressive weenies
    Banjo Platooie
    @Gary Turbo Jesus what a bunch of self entitled pussies aren't they
    Gary Turbo
    Don't let the door hit you on your way out
    You need to do an Honest Trailer for Honest Trailers!
    aryabrata pal
    right in the director's perspective
    Proxy the Droid
    I've said it multiple times: DOCTOR WHO HONEST TRAILER!!!!
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    Agatha Books
    I would also like something Doctor who related.
    Alpha WOLF
    I agree. A classic Dr. Who and a modern Dr. Who Honest trailer.
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    Sushi Wolf
    Screen Junkies, could you please do an honest trailer for Spirited Away?
    Hank Vance
    yes,yes yes. spirited away
    Jin Park
    do the CW 4 night crossover event
    Matthew Long
    Jesse Mendez
    it was my favorite anime ever l got 6 manga and blu ray.
    Jack Zimmerman
    Do Akira!
    Emrys Wledig
    For Carrie Fisher, please say "Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?" (R.I.P Mrs. Fisher)
    The Bat 507
    Carrie, we will miss you
    Ruben Kelevra
    Honest trailer for Vikings!!
    Andrew Vrba
    Disabling the comments in the Ghostbusters trailer just proved what huge, whiny self-entitled shitheads make up the Ghostbusters 2016 fanbase.
    Jonathan Small
    What were you afraid of when you disabled the comments in the Ghostbusters honest trailer? That people will downvote it? Of course not. Your honest trailer would have gotten a very good number of likes. Are you afraid that the feminists will come and start trolling. You don't have to worry about them. Leave it to us. We will troll them back. But it was pretty shameful to disable the comments. You are a comedy channel. I don't think you stand against free speech.
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    Jonathan Small
    +Melody Harmonia I deleted my Twitter a year ago. I was sick and tired of their SJW friendly policies.
    Jonathan Small
    +Melody Harmonia Please do.
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    Everyone should just fill this discussion forum with all the comments they would have put on he ghostbusters honest trailer
    Gary Turbo
    They have enough people to block others
    Hello Goodbye
    You guys are a bunch of whiny babies. They disable the comments on one video and you start unsubbing. Really? You could just come here and b**ch about it like so many of you did anyway. Did you really have to unsub because you didn't like that they weren't going to put up with your bulls**t? Grow. The. F**k. Up.
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    Hello Goodbye
    +Melody Harmonia My thoughts exactly.
    Hello Goodbye
    +Melody Harmonia I deleted it's comments and blocked it, but there is no doubt in my mind that she'll probably try and comment on my GooglePlus page. Lol.
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